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CO2 in high speed collision with H2O Photosynthesis is the action of Sunlight to convert Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Water (H2O) into Carbohydrates (COOH), namely Sugar and Starch. Clearly the CO2 and H2O molecules need to be broken down in order to recombine as COOH. This can happen naturally as shown here. The Carbon Dioxide (CO2) molecule on the left and the Water (H2O) molecule on the right are moving quickly towards each other as shown by the arrows. A high speed collision could dislodge Hydrogen Atoms and allow negatively-charged (i.e. highly reactive!) OH radicals to fly freely. These energetic components can quickly recombine releasing Oxygen (O2) in the process. Chlorophyll accelerates this reaction. Plants get their green colour from Chlorophyll. Thus Plants can take Carbon Dioxide and Water to create Carbohydrates, freeing up the Oxygen that we breath. [NS] {NR}

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