Sorry, No Picture! The rook is a member of the crow family. Like the crow, the rook has black plumage and a strong and solid body. The rook is approximately 18 inches in length and the black plumage is highlighted by a green or blue iridescent sheen. Unlike the crow, the rook has a pouch of grey skin just below the beak. Otherwise the rook and the carrion crow appear identical. A fascinating aspect of the rook behaviour is known as rook parliament. A group of rooks, from 50 to 100, circle about one or more rooks and begin to caw. They then attack these birds and kill them. It would seem that the killing is a compassionate killing to rid the flock of the weak or sick. Rooks are found in Europe, Iceland, Greenland, Siberia, northern Africa and Asia. [BM] {FW}
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