ISLAMIC FOLLOWERS One day as he sat in the hills of Mecca Mohammed saw a great vision. In his vision he was approached by the angel Gabriel. Gabriel showed him a golden tablet upon which was written the divine word of God. Although Mohammed was illiterate, he was able to read these messages. As time went by, Mohammed continued to receive divine messages from God through the deliverance of Gabriel. It became clear to Mohammed that he was to be a prophet of God. With his new inspiration he began to teach to the people in Mecca. Although he was received with much ridicule he continued to teach. For years Mohammed taught to any and all who would listen. What he taught was a combination of old Arabic beliefs, Judaism, Christianity and his own personal ideas on reform. Mohammed's sermons were recorded by one of his faithful followers, Abu Bekr, and became the God inspired scriptures known as the Koran (The Reading). These Islamic men are standing outside a mosque. [BM] {EM}

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