Sorry, No Picture! A country under dictatorship has all economic and political power centralized. This means that everything about government is controlled absolutely by the dictator. The term dictator is Latin and was used to describe a magistrate who was given special powers in a time of emergency. In the modern age, however, the role of the dictator is similar to the tyrant of the middle ages. In the dictatorship, civil freedoms are restricted. Civil freedoms are basic liberties that most people take for granted, such as watching the TV shows you like, reading the books you like, studying the subjects you enjoy and getting the job you want. The dictator is often a self-proclaimed leader who has control of a private army. The leader helps a certain class of people in order to retain his power and support. A weak government may be overthrown by a charismatic dictator initially supported by the masses. [JG] {PE} {EB}

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