Iceberg, Northern Greenland The Norwegians founded the city of Dublin, in Ireland around 840AD. By 870AD, theNorwegians had begun to settle on the island of Iceland. In 981AD a Norwegian Viking, Erik the Red, discovered the island of Greenland. He called it Greenland to convince others to settle there. The Viking settlement on Greenland lasted until the year 1400AD. In 986AD, Viking longships sailed in Newfoundland waters. Lief Erickson, son of Eric the Red, explored the coast of North America in the year 1000AD, 492 years before Christopher Columbus. In 1010AD, Thorfinn Karlsefni attempted to settle in North America but the settlement was abandoned within five years. According to artifacts found (The Kensington Rune Stone) Vikings in the year 1362AD had reached the area of what is now Minnesota. [RB] {NR}
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