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YARNS AND THREADS It is important for a weaver to learn about the fibers used to make yarns and threads. Each type of fiber has specific characteristics and qualities that effect the suitable use for a yarn or thread. Wool yarns may be suitable for bed coverings but not for clothing in a warm climate. Cotton yarns are very versatile however they may not be the best choice for a winter coat in a cold country. Other important elements to consider in the choice of yarns are colour, texture and size. One look in a well-stocked yarn shop will reveal the hundreds of choices available to the weaver. Experience with a variety of yarns made of different fibers and colours helps the weaver to learn which type is best suited for a specific purpose. For a table mat, a yarn that is sturdy and capable of surviving numerous washings is important to use. The warp thread used for this project is a tightly spun white cotton. The weft is made up of two different yarns. The first weft yarn is a tightly spun cotton. The second weft is made of small strips of fabric. This style of cloth weaving is called rag weaving because one weft is made from cloth strips rather than a spun yarn. After the warp and weft threads have been chosen, the weaver has to measure and calculate the amount of yarn needed to weave the project. The loom used to weave this table mat is a simple two harness table loom so we are limited to using a plain weave pattern. The finished mat will be a firmly woven, colourful and durable table textile. [SB] {SB}

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