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REMOVING THE CLOTH After the cloth has been woven to the desired length it must be removed from the loom and finished. There are many methods for finishing cloth. In this project the warp threads of the table mat were knotted as they were cut from the loom. The warp ends can be left as a fringe or sewn into the cloth on the backside of the mat. How a project is finished depends on the purpose of the cloth, the design of the project and the weaver's preferences. After the cloth has been completely cut from the loom it will no longer be under tension and the yarns will begin to relax. The next step is to wet finish the cloth by washing or steaming and drying. This process will remove any sizing or oils introduced into the fibers during spinning. After wet finishing the cloth will further relax and is then ready to be pressed with an iron. After the table mat has been wet finished and pressed it is ready to use. [SB] {SB}

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