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Preparing the Weft Yarns There are many weft tools available to the weaver. The size, texture and yarn preference of the weaver help to determine what tools a weaver will use. In this weaving project a boat shuttle (a long, slim wooden tool with an opening in the middle to hold a spool of weft yarn) was used to deliver the cotton weft thread across the warp. The spool was wound on a hand spool winder. The spool is placed in the recessed space in the boat shuttle. The end of the weft yarn is threaded through the small opening in the side of the shuttle. As the shuttle travels across the warp, the weft thread is pulled off the spool and laid onto the warp. The fabric strips are wound by hand on a rag shuttle. This long, narrow tool is specially designed to hold rag strips. The shuttle is passed through the warp shed leaving behind a ribbon of rag. It is helpful to prepare as many spools and shuttles as possible before weaving. [SB] {SB}

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