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All woven cloth has at least two groups of yarns that interlace with each other. The vertical, up and down, yarns are called the warp. The horizontal, crossways, yarns are called the weft. The warp threads are wound on to a loom, which is a wooden or metal device used to hold warp threads. How closely the warp threads are placed together determines the sett of the cloth. Usually thin threads are set more closely and thicker yarns are placed further apart. This relationship can change depending on the type of cloth desired. The weft yarn is interlaced between the warp yarns one row at a time. Many different cloth patterns can be achieved by changing the order in which the weft passes through the warp. After each time a weft thread has been drawn through the warp (known as a pic) the yarns are pushed together to form the cloth. [SB] {SB}

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