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YARNS AND THREADS Before a weaver can create a fabric many decisions have to be made that will effect the final cloth. This is known as the design and planning process. The first question to be asked is what to weave? Will the final textile be used for clothing, table linens, bed coverings, floor rugs, wall treatments or another purpose? The planned use of the cloth will help determine what type of yarns and threads are chosen for the project. The weaving pattern also has to be considered when the yarns and threads are chosen for a particular textile. The type of loom the weaver has to work with will also enter into this decision process. After all these questions have been answered, the weaver will be ready to prepare the materials and equipment necessary to weave the cloth. For this project, a simple two harness table loom will be used to weave a table mat. [SB] {SB}

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