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Yarns and Threads Yarns and threads are the raw materials for cloth construction. Threads are fine, tightly spun fibers. Yarns are fibers spun into thicker strands. Many different natural and man-made fibers are used to make yarns: animal, plant, mineral and synthetics. For example, animal fibers, such as the wool and hair of sheep, goats, rabbits, camels, llamas and silkworm filaments; or plant fibers such as cotton, linen and hemp; or mineral threads formed from metals; or synthetic fibers such as rayon, orlon, nylon, polyester and acrylic. These fibers can be used in their natural colours or dyed to produce many beautiful yarns. Various methods of spinning fibers produces numerous styles of threads and yarns. Weavers make many types of cloth by combining these yarns and threads. [SB] {SB}

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