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THE KING These nine singles were produced in 2 years, and much to his dismay his agent told Elvis it would be good publicity to fight in the army, and the patronage towards his country that people would associate with his music would bring album sales 'like he had never seen". His pay dropped from 1000 dollars a week to 82.50 per month, and the country was full of heart-broken females, who grieved at the loss of their "King". Returning from the army, Elvis continued to record songs and play shows, and the success he gained was as his agent said, never seen before. There was a price to pay however. He couldn't handle the success. He turned to alcohol and drugs, (although some reports say he never drank) and in 1977 on August 16, he succumbed to a heart failure at the age of 42. 75,000 people turned up for the funeral. [AW] {NR}

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