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Bull Leaping Fresco - Knossos, Crete The 2nd of Athens' 3 great tragedian playwrights, Sophocles was also considered the best. Born in 496BC to a rich family, Sophocles was gifted in many ways. He was very athletic and handsome, talented musically, well educated and liked by everyone he met. His dramatic talent was demonstrated by the plays which he presented at the Dionysia festivals during an annual competition. In his 90 year career, he wrote 123 plays. Each competition the playwright was expected to enter four plays. He won first place victories 24 times. Sophocles' most important contribution to Greek Tragedy was the addition of a third actor to Aeschylus' two and a further reduction in the importance of the chorus. His major works include The Ajax, Antigone and Oedipus the King. This fresco entitled Bull Leaping is found in Knossos, Crete. [AL] {BR}

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