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Mural, Palace Of Minos, Knossos Born in 484BC, Euripides is the youngest of Athens' three great tragedians. He began competing in the annual drama festival, held during the spring festival honouring the god Dionysus, in 455BC. His first victory at the festival was recorded in 441BC. Euripides wrote 92 plays (which were presented four per competition) during his career, and he won first place victories four times. During the later part of his career, Euripides began creating a new type of play; a "tragicomedy"; a tragedy with a happy ending. This may mark the beginning of the next era in Greek drama. Euripides left Athens in 408BC and died in Macedonia in 406BC. Some of his major works include Medea, Electra and Phoenecian Women. The Greek mural pictured here is found on the Palace Of Minos, Knossos. [AL] {BR}

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